Find out if you really need to take out a loan

In order to make a complete personal financial control, we need to always be alert to the excessive consumption and the compromise of the income with financing. But sometimes, debts get out of control or an emergency expense arises And, when you realize  are you kind of rolled up and thinking about taking out a loan. When that happens, one of the first things we think about is: I’m going to take out a loan to end these debts. But be what that the best solution The answer: It depends! In many situations it can be a viable alternative, after all, you may be able to reorganize your financial situation and concentrate your debts. But I need to study the possibilities very carefully.To help you better understand this, we have prepared this post that will show you when to take out a loan the best alternative to pay off a debt. A summary is on

Understand life the first step

credit loans

First of all, it is necessary to understand the situation of debts that you intend to settle with the loan. This means calculating the total amount, including interest rates and other possible charges. For example, are you it has a debt of $ 1,000 on the credit card (the famous revolving card). Based on some rates and charges practiced by the market, 10% of revolving interest ($ 100) + 2% (per month) of late penalty ($ 20) + 1% (to the total amount) per month) of default interest ($ 10) . So, your debt actually, after the delay, of $ 1,000 + $ 130 = $ 1,130. And it increases with each month you go. you do not pay the full invoice. Do these calculations The first step is to understand the real value of what you do. are you owing.

Search for forms of loans


The second step search if you can you make a loan and what are the best conditions available for your profile. Important: always search for lines with low interest rates, like the one offered by Just. For that, You should go to different financial institutions like banks and financiers to understand what types of loans you have. it fits. Typically, the most common are personal credit (sometimes even negative people can do it) and payroll loans (done through the company And Discounted On payroll). Personal credit simpler to get, but usually has higher interest rates. So, do real simulations to understand how much you are. You are to pay. For example, if you take $ 1,000 in personal credit – at an interest rate of 4.5% per month, the final amount will be from $ 1,315.99. The payroll “has much lower rates”, however, it makes the payroll discount. So your salary gets smaller every month. The important go to various institutions and research the best conditions,

Compare values


With that information in your hands, power compare debt and loan values ​​and see if it’s worth it. For example, if your debt on the card has rates of around 15% per month payroll is 2.5%, it is worth making the loan, as you pay less than the credit card charges and in installments compatible with your monthly budget. When possible, initiate emergency savings. It will be a third option to settle debts, where depending on the type of investment, the analysis will consider whether the interest on the credit will be higher than the interest on your investment. to be worth the ransom. It is important to remember that the interest rates on overdraft and credit card are the highest in the market. So if these are the villains in your history, it might be worth taking out a loan to get this debt over with.

Best Loan Banks in Brazil: Interest Rate Ranking

It is necessary to understand which are the best banks to borrow money in BrazilPay off debts, travel, renovate the house, invest, open a business, open a business. These and other goals and dreams can lead a person to think about taking out a loan.

Do you know what a loan is? It is a type of service offered by the main banks and financiers in the country. These institutions provide a sum of money to those who request it. As this is a very competitive market in Brazil, the main financial institutions have their own rates, payment terms and credit offers. In this scenario, it is not uncommon for doubts to arise as to which banks are the best for lending in Brazil.

If this is also your question, check out the information we will share below.


Main loan modalities existing in the country

Main loan modalities existing in the country

Before finding out which banks are the best for lending, it is important that you understand more about what this service is about. Generally speaking, the loan is an amount of money that the bank or financial institution lends to its customers. The process is carried out according to a pre-established contract. Institutions must follow Cream Bank standard 3,954 to proceed with this type of operation.

The loan has no specific purpose. This means that you do not need to inform the destination of the requested money or account for it. As its name suggests, the amount you received must be returned. The return is made in the form of payment of installments that may vary between months and years, depending on each situation.

The two main categories of loan are payroll and personal.


Personal loan

In this modality, the bank or finance company has no guarantee that the money borrowed will be returned. Therefore, interest rates are usually higher. Since it is a more expensive loan, approval is usually made easier.

There is no limit that can be requested, but it is up to the bank to decide if it wants to lend the amount you want from the assessment of your profile and risks.


Payroll loan

It can only be requested by those with a formal contract, civil servants, retirees or pensioners. The applicant can only enjoy an amount that corresponds to 30% of his salary or benefit. In this category, the payment of installments is made through the discount in paycheck. Interest rates are lower compared to personal loans because banks are more guaranteed to receive the amount again.


Comparison between the best banks for lending

Comparison between the best banks for lending

Banks usually charge lower fees than financial ones. But even among them, there is a variation in interest, payment terms, release of money, amount among other elements. Based on a comparison of the interest rates of the main financial institutions in Brazil, those that offer the best conditions are, first, government banks; 2nd, the largest private banks and, finally, other banks and finance companies. 


Online loan simulation

Online loan simulation

Even if you already have information about the best banks for lending , it is important to simulate the installments and interest rates that will be paid before contracting the service. This whole process can be done online and without bureaucracy through the Lite Lenders website.

To simulate, access the company page, fill in the blanks with the amount you wish to borrow, number of installments, name and e-mail. Click on continue and fill the form with the requested data. His registration guarantees research in more than 30 financial institutions, a credit offer in 5 minutes and money in the account in 48 hours after the loan is validated.

Find out how to get an easy loan over the internet

Throughout our lives we are faced with some situations that make us not close all accounts at the end of the month. A stactic to not allow the debts multiply because of interest, get an easy loan on the internet presents itself as a possibility. In addition to being able to transparently compare the various offers, you get the lowest rates on the market if you do a good search of interest rates.
But, do you know how to get an easy loan over the internet? Read on and discover actions to make your online loan easier!


Compare available options

credit loans

A key action when making your loan online is to analyze the options available in the market. After all, because it is a relatively new type of loan, many institutions differ in the way they offer this service. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze all available offers.

Analyze points such as interest rate and amortization, requirements for the loan, payment terms, speed of the process, among others that help you to be sure you are closing a good deal. A tool that facilitates this work is the loan comparator of Good Lenders , which can be consulted on the website or via application.


Check interest rates

credit loans

Interest and amortization rates, as previously mentioned, must be analyzed with great care and discretion. After all, the excess money charged by the institution, the interest, can make the debt much more expensive. In addition, other fees may be charged, such as signing the loan, for example. Analyze which financial institutions charge the lowest amount possible in fees, as well as those that have the lowest number of fees to be charged. An easy loan over the internet is one that does not offer any obstacles to be made.


Read all requirements, rules and commitments

Read all requirements, rules and commitments

There are a wide variety of easy loan options on the internet today, so careful analysis of each of the available modalities is necessary. Access the website of the financial institution and carefully read all the requirements, rules and commitments in order to understand all the important points of the contract and choose the option that best suits you. See, for example, how long the money will be in your account.


Check out the institution’s reputation


Analyzing the reputation of the financial institution offering the loan is an indispensable attitude. After all, what is offered does not always make clear all the details of the contract. Problems such as a progressive increase in interest rates and difficulties in payment terms can cause headaches.

Access customer service portals available on the internet and keep an eye on the company’s social networks, which, with technological advances, have become a major channel for customer complaints and manifestations, making it easier to get an easy loan over the internet.

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Many Brazilians are going to take out a loan to get out of the crisis. Check out!

Discover surefire tips to get through the crisis Life as we knew it before March 2020 has changed dramatically. Almost every country in the world faces a severe pandemic due to the Coronavirus, a disease caused by exposure to COVID-19, a virus that causes respiratory infections. With the imminent collapse of the single healthcare system, our economy is also in danger. Many think of taking out a loan for a greater breath in this atypical time.

In February 2020, Across Lender Group released an unprecedented survey of almost 3,000 people from all over Brazil and attested that almost a third of Brazilians are interested in financing in the next six months. Of this total, 59% said they wanted to pay debts; 31% intend to make a dream come true and 10% would like to pay an extra expense.

If in a relatively normal scenario the numbers were these, in the context of a pandemic, the Brazilian’s financial situation may become even worse and the only way out may be to take out a personal loan.


Make financial education a habit

money loans

Growing up without knowing what financial education is no excuse to spend a lifetime ignoring that much of the effort we make to have healthy rules and finances, part of the knowledge we have acquired.

Study, understand how to incorporate better habits into your day to day and start putting everything in its place.


Set small goals and big goals

You will be able to change your habits better if you have clear goals.

The brain works best in these cases when we have a place to go. Set goals to achieve in the short, medium and long term.


Avoid the impulse when buying

Set small goals and big goals

A crisis is not the time to spend money for nothing.

Consider well everything you feel like buying, see if it fits your budget, if it is necessary, if you will be able to pay, if it will hinder any of your small, medium and long term goals.


Understand your budget

To take control of your finances you need to have a real sense of how much your monthly income is.

If you receive, pay the bills and go around spending without even knowing how much you still have in your account, you need to review your customs.

Do not be afraid to have an understanding of your budget, only this will make you control your income and be able to maintain the line in a time of crisis.

But, even with these tips you need a little credit boost, check out tips for not sinking when borrowing:


Search for the lowest interest rates

Understand your budget

In general, loans with the lowest interest rates are those in which the risk of default is small, which gives more security for financial institutions to lend without fear of default.

Payroll loans, for retirees and civil servants, which are discounted directly on the payroll; loan with guarantee of property, in which the owner of a house or apartment already paid puts it in guarantee in exchange for the money; and the vehicle-secured loan, which works the same as real estate, but places a car, motorcycle or truck as collateral, are those with the lowest rates.

At Good Lenders Credit you can analyze all these modalities and still compare with more than 30 financial institutions.


Exchange an expensive debt for a cheaper one

If you are going to take out a loan to pay off any financial pending issues, consider getting a high interest rate on some debt for a cheaper one on a loan that works best for you.

By doing this you remain in debt, after all, as the title of this tip suggests, you are making an exchange.

But it is a healthy exchange that will make your debt cheaper and payable.

Which can get complicated when high interest rates add up for months and years without payment.


Beware of scams when borrowing

Beware of scams when borrowing

Don’t fall for miraculous promises, the online loan can be secure, but you need to be aware of some details.

On the Good Lenders Credit platform, you can check security certificates and easily find information that the site is authorized to grant loans through banks and financial partners through the Cream Bank.

Do a more detailed search on the website that is offering the loan. Also search social networks, news, blogs, and Complain Here (complaints site).


Don’t forget to compare the Total Effective Cost of the loan

It’s not just interest rates that tell you whether a loan fits in your pocket or not, that’s just ONE of the fees you pay when you request money.

You need to check how much the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the operation is.

That’s because interest may be low, but adding all the other charges charged by the bank or finance to borrow money, such as taxes and insurance, can make your loan more expensive than you can afford.

Pre-approved credit: what it is and how to contract

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dealing with money. Some may not have a spare amount left since pay a round for friends, while others know what money in the account? synonymous with bill or unpaid debt. Whatever your case is, you? certainly already? he was tempted to borrow from his bank. Well, today we came to talk about one who is? at your fingertips: pre-approved credit. Yes, talking about? Credit? always makes some people tense. But in some contexts, that extra money, arriving very quickly in your account, can save lives. Just that you? understand how it works.


How does pre-approved credit work?

How does pre-approved credit work?

Quite simply, this one? a loan that a bank account holder can borrow at any time. No analysis, no bureaucracy, no waste of time. It looks a lot like overdraft, doesn’t it? But the difference? is he not? automatically requested whenever your account goes negative. Are you? You need to go to the ATM and ask for the credit. Of course, like any doubt, you are. you will have to pay in time, with adjustments and interest. But, how the value? determined by the bank according to an analysis already done,? Deadlines, interest and other costs vary from bank to bank.a little more likely than you manage to pay for everything.


What are the advantages of this credit?

credit advantages

Is this loan? fast, just go to the ATM. A unique feature of pre-approved credit, but still valid. If you are predicting that you will need extra cash in the next few days, or you want a fast loan to make a purchase, so this may be a good option. The idea is anticipate a debt, as in the overdraft, it may be that you leave benefited. The interest rate ceiling? lower the risk that the bank runs is usually less, especially if you have a stable income and a good creditor.


And the disadvantages?

And the disadvantages?

Of course, not everything? It is advantageous in pre-approved credit. going to have here the inability to negotiate life and interest in advance. As the money comes out very fast, the built-in interest rate is not negotiated, only effective. So, before acting on the impulse, check the data and make sure you can afford the final cost. And, of course, pre-approved credit will never save you from financial indiscipline. Even if your relationship with the bank is quiet at now, everything can change if you can. don’t plan how to pay a debt. In the end, are you you will be in the same situation as you would be if you started using your credit card unbridled. Doing a quick study of your finances can and will save you a lot of headaches. Now you? have a better notion than Pre-approved credit and how to use it responsibly. Do you want to keep following our news and tips? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our best content in first hand! 

Credit interest rate: how to find the lowest?

Despite the fall in the Selic rate, a reference for the cost of credit, the interest rate for loans remains high. The high risk of default, according to the banks’ assessment, contributions to keep interest rates at high levels.
Knowing this scenario, in order not to make a bad deal, it is important to know the different options available in the market.
Get ahead with the tips we have prepared to help you find the lowest rates:


Research credit lines

Research credit lines

The fees charged can vary widely, depending on the credit line contracted. Making the right choice can be a way to pay less. Therefore, it is best to do a lot of research.
Payroll loans, for example, are an option that usually comes up against personal loans. Because it offers greater guarantees to financial institutions – since the installments are discounted directly from the payroll – the payroll loan has a lower interest rate.

However, the payroll is not always a possible alternative. INSS retirees and pensioners, public servants and employees of companies that have an agreement with the banks that provide the service can hire the credit line. 


Guarantee and reduce the loan interest rate

Guarantee and reduce the loan interest rate

If the security factor is decisive for setting interest rates, offering something as a guarantee may be an option for those seeking more affordable rates.
Currently, the types of loan where goods such as real estate, cars and even jewelry are offered as collateral are gaining ground.
However, it is necessary to consider the risk of losing the asset, in case of late payment of the debt.
For this reason, the option, which can be negotiated directly with the bank, is more suitable for those who have a financial plan solid enough to ensure that payments are always made on time.


Look for the banks with the lowest rates

lowest rates

It is not only in relation to the credit line that there is interest variation. If you really want to find the lowest rates, don’t settle for just your bank’s proposal. Do a lot of research before making your choice.
Of course, depending on your relationship with the bank, it is possible to get a more favorable loan interest rate. Even so, the chances of finding even better conditions in the competition are great.
Also remember that if you receive a current account, it is almost always possible to take your payment to other banks. If that is the case, the advantages offered will be even greater.


Consider the purpose of the loan

Consider the purpose of the loan

For those who want to hire a loan for specific purposes, such as buying a car or a property, it is possible to find cheaper alternatives.
Credit modalities aimed directly at the acquisition of vehicles and other goods may have more beneficial conditions than personal loans.
On the Cream Bank website , you can compare the different rates applied by banks, depending on the type and purpose of the loan,


Trade directly

credit loans

Have you researched the different credit options available and compared the loan interest rates practiced by the different banks? Wait a little longer to hit the hammer, as it is still possible to get better conditions.
Based on the results of your research, it is time to start trading. Present your numbers and payment guarantees, and be sure to take advantage of competitive offers to achieve even greater reductions.
It is worth taking your financial life seriously and studying hard before hiring a credit operation. As we have seen, it is possible to find lower and more advantageous loan interest rates.

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3 types of loans and the benefits of each

Whether for lack of job, reason for illness or to buy a car or property, at some point in life many people have had to resort to some type of loan.

There are many types of loans offered by banks and financial institutions, but do you know how they work and the benefits they can provide?

To answer some of these questions, we have listed here three main types of loans for you to choose the one that best fits your financial situation.


Types of loans

Payroll loan

Types of loans

It can be requested by workers with a formal contract, public employees or INSS beneficiaries (including retirees), and it is released through credit analysis. It works as follows: the loan installments are deducted directly from the salary or benefit, monthly, before the payment is received. In this way, financial institutions are guaranteed that they will receive the installments on time, reducing the risk of default.

Because of this mechanism, the interest charged is much lower when compared to the personal loan, which is the main attraction of this type of loan. Before requesting it, you must consider that the installments will be deducted directly from your salary every month, which causes a lower income availability. It is a way to cover unexpected expenses and, if used responsibly, it can be a good option.


Loan with pledge

Loan with pledge

It consists of taking some object of value such as jewelry and silverware to a regulated pawnshop and receiving money in return, which can reach up to 85% of the value of the pledged asset. The money is released on the spot, without the need for credit analysis, but the item is consigned as collateral and will only be recovered after you pay off the debt. For this very reason, its main advantage is the agility in accessing money, as it also does not need guarantors.

It is one of the fastest and least bureaucratic loan alternatives. It is indicated that this option is used to settle debts urgently. And attention! This modality recommends some precautions. Choose a reliable pawnshop and pay off the debt so you don’t lose the pawned item. Normally, Cream Bank Federal branches have their own pledge window in most cities in the country.


Personal loan

Personal loan

It is common for banks to offer credit lines according to the profile and relationship of each customer. The amounts are already pre-approved by the bank and have interest rates slightly higher than the payroll loan, but have minimal bureaucracy.
The possibility of having extra money falling into your account is tempting, but it is not worth taking out a loan, for example, to buy something superfluous, like a new cell phone. If you have expensive debts (credit card and overdraft), switching to a cheaper one, such as personal credit, is a good option. Opt for lines with low interest rates, such as the one offered by Just and other partner institutions of Best Bank (you can see several offers in the comparator within the application).

The best types of loans for you will depend on your urgency, condition and financial situation. The most important tips are planning, information and installments that fit in your pocket, so that debts do not accumulate and make your financial life unfeasible.

Learn how to get rid of debt quickly

The economy is in crisis and everyone knows they are. It is increasingly difficult to pay the bills. At times like this, Care must be taken so that the financial issues do not become a snowball. Many people are willing to make an effort to keep up with their commitments and want to find out how to get out of debt quickly. your case, check out the tips we prepared in this article.


Write down all your expenses and income

You know that feeling that the money has “evaporated” from your account and you, didn’t you even see where it ended up? The best way to end it? place all values ​​at the tip of the pencil. Whether to get around debts or to earn more money,? it is necessary to control daily expenses, knowing exactly the origin and destination of all values.


Create a goal to save

After knowing everything about your own money, time to organize the monthly budget and create a goal to save. If you are not being able to start with a higher value, like 30%, try to save at least 10% or 5%. That money is used to pay debts and, in the medium term, to establish a healthy financial life. Do you get the way of saving money? It is one of the most important points for the balance of finances. Simple attitudes like having a piggy bank to store the coins contribute to you. develop the saving routine.


Start by paying off debt at higher interest rates

Start by paying off debt at higher interest rates

Require all your debts and make an analysis of each one. Separate the ones with the highest interest rates and plan to quit them today. Unfortunately, Brazilians suffer from high interest rates and postpone paying high-interest debts. it makes the situation worse.


Renegotiate other debts

After paying off the high-interest debts, try to negotiate the other debts. Talk directly to the people and companies you are looking for. must and tell the truth. Show that you? are you? willing to pay. If it is possible, try to pay off the first installment as soon as possible so that you do not fall victim to interest.


Forget the credit card

Forget the credit card

Instead of buying on the card, make your daily purchases (food, transportation, bills) in cash. In addition to avoiding debts for the next month, this practice has other benefits. Can it even seem strange to anyone who is used to it? technology, but having the money in your hands helps you control every penny that comes out of your pocket.


Use financial apps

Nowadays, there are technological facilities that help us control finances. Financial applications for mobile phones, such as Good Lenders, are a great example. In addition to being free, it automatically controls spending, separating it into categories. It works like this:

  1. You? internet banking data inserts;
  2. The Good Lenders application surveys all transactions made in your checking account and credit card;
  3. The tool automatically separates expenses by categories;
  4. Result: is it easier to know where? It is possible to cut expenses and identify potential savings.

Did you like today’s tips? For those who wanted to know how to get rid of their debts quickly, it was clear that the task requires some sacrifices. However, with a little organization? it is possible to breathe more easily. Remember to keep stocks in the long term to avoid getting into debt again! Do you want to receive more content like this?